Skate’s Resumes Analysis of artnet AG

August 8 Annual Shareholders Meeting Set to Seal artnet’s Fate

artnet AGM Voting Dilemma Explained; Vision for a New artnet

On May 25, 2012, Skate’s suspended its analysis of artnet. At that time, the share price was EUR 5.1, Hans Neuendorf was the company’s CEO and the entire stream of news surrounding the firm, its 2011 and Q1 2012 results, growing competition in the e-commerce space and defection of galleries to other online platforms all pointed in a single direction: a continuous decline of artnet and the demise of its business model.

We suspended analysis because Skate’s had been retained to advise Redline Capital Management SA, a Luxembourg-based asset management firm and at that time a syndicate of Redline and German-listed Weng Fine Art AG, on developing a turnaround strategy for artnet AG.

Two months later, and the inside information that required Skate’s to suspend analysis is now in the public domain…

Please click here to download and read the full edition of Skate’s Market Notes.

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2 Responses to Skate’s Resumes Analysis of artnet AG

  1. Skip Wilson says:

    How can you even pretend to call yourself an “analyst”? Your conflict of interest is so intense it’s ridiculous. At this point you’re like Skates Romney reacting to Artnet Obama. You’re playing right into the Nuendorf’s hands. Time to start hedging bets.

  2. Boris Bauer says:

    You are spot on in your analysis with what they should be doing with that business and how to grow it…. in my opinion the DB is the best in the industry and it will competitors a long time to catch up, the magazine should have never shut down, not only for ad sales opportunity, but also because of its importance for Search Engines. I think a new leadership that actually understands how to run a business and builds new products that resonate with the market will do very well and will be profitable within 1-2 years.
    There were so-many opportunities missed in the last years – tight social media integration, marketing online and off-line, product development, operations cost reductions, media sales, strategic acquisition, stronger strategic alliances and partnerships. Unfortunately is was completely mismanaged – it is a publicly traded company – not a fiefdom.

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