Skate’s Annual Art Investment Report – Part 1

January 3, 2013

Welcome to Skate’s Annual Art Investment Report for 2012! This year, our report will be published in three parts. Part 1 focuses on Skate’s Top 5000 ranking of the world’s most valuable works of art by public auction price. We examine the changes that took place in this premium segment by addressing market performance in comparison with 2011, specifically with regard to artist rankings, sales volume and value, repeat sales (i.e., investment performance), and general changes in the structure the ranking.

Part 2, which will be published in early January, addresses the global art industry. Analysis is focused on companies in the art industry (e.g., auction houses, dealerships, e-commerce platforms, and media businesses), art investment funds, art financial services, and publicly traded art industry companies (i.e., the companies comprising Skate’s Art Stocks Index). It also covers many of the challenges faced by art industry companies.

Part 3, which will be published in the middle of January, covers Skate’s predictions for 2013, including those related to the premium segment of the art market (Skate’s Top 5000) and the global art industry.

Click here to download Part 1

Annual Report


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