Introducing Skate’s Focus – Poland’s Art Market

Skate's Focus-Poland's Art Market

In 2013, in addition to regular publications dedicated to the state of the global art market, Skate’s is pleased to present a new angle of our research—Skate’s Focus. Upon choosing a particular country, Skate’s works with local art market specialists to identify and present the most current and accurate picture from the inside. The resulting report projects a two-sided view on the chosen country—the global market presence of native artists and the performance of the country’s domestic art market. As a pilot project, Skate’s has chosen Poland, a young but innovative and quickly growing art market in central Europe. Joining Skate’s for the current report is Art&Business Magazine, the leading Polish magazine dedicated to art.

Please click here to download the full report >>

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One Response to Introducing Skate’s Focus – Poland’s Art Market

  1. Mark says:

    Central Europe is just trendy now. How about Alina Szapocznikow in MoMA? No wonder the art market is raising.

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