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Established in 2004, Skate’s Art Market Research provides high net worth individuals and institutional investors around the world with reliable and unbiased research supporting art investment decisions.

Unlike art dealers and auction houses, we do not derive income from selling or buying art and are focused entirely on enabling our customers to make well-informed art investment decisions using the research produced by our specialists.

Our success is directly linked to the practical use of information we provide to art buyers and sellers. Our aim is to excel in the field, becoming over time as central a resource to the process of art investment as credit rating agencies are to the process of extending credit.

Skate’s mission is to develop and commercialize information tools and related services that will help shift the balance of power in the art investment world from intermediaries to art collectors, art investors and artists themselves.


We view Skate’s Art Investment Review as an opportunity to present original material from our website, provide up-to-the-minute market commentary and to engage the wider community in a meaningful discussion about the trends and investment opportunities in today’s art market.

For more information on Skate’s research and publications, please visit us at

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