6 reasons how a sponsored visa 482 can solve a shortage of skilled workers

You are having the time of your life with many of your dreams coming true on a working holiday in Australia from England. You have found yourself a lovely partner who has shown you around the whole state. To round it off you went to cricket T20 World Cup final to see England lift the trophy, which gave you plenty of ammo in the pub.

Finding a job also worked perfectly. You found a small business in your skilled trade as a panel beater, who have been superb with you, treating you like one of the family. However, your visa is close to running out. They want you to stay as they cannot find anyone who can carry out your job. It’s time for sponsored visa 482 to come to the rescue.

You cannot wait to get to work on Monday morning to tell your boss all about it step by step in the hope that he will sponsor you to stay.

  1. Often called a TSS Visa it will allow the business to keep you if they cannot find an appropriately skilled Australian from the list of eligible medium and long-term skilled occupations of which panel beating is one.
  2. It will cost the company that sponsors you AUD 2,770 as of 2022 and will allow you to remain and work in Australia for 4 years. That is perfect, especially if your relationship continues to flourish as you might fancy a marriage visa by the time your visa 482 expires.
  3. Anyone being sponsored for the visa requires to be fully trained in their trade for two years for an application to be eligible. You have no problems there.
  4. You will have to remain the employment of your sponsor making the application, offering security for both you and the panel beating company. They have peace of mind that you will not leave for a potentially better offer elsewhere.
  5. The employee being sponsored is required to meet minimum standards of English language proficiency, essential when working in any safety critical situations.
  6. Once the visa is finished you can apply for permanent Australian residency and while the visa is still valid you can leave and return the country as many times as you wish.

A Sponsored Visa 482 is the perfect solution for any skilled trades looking to ensure that they utilize the full available workforce in Australia to remain fully staffed.


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