A New Drilling Program Could Change the Industry 

The energy sector has seen a tremendous amount of turmoil during the past few years, particularly during the past few months. The pandemic has come to an end, which means that the demand for energy is going up quickly. People are driving and flying more than they were during the past few years, and there are a lot of people asking for more fuel. Furthermore, one of the biggest energy producers in the world, Russia, recently invaded Ukraine. As a result, people have stopped importing Russian oil, which places more stress on domestic energy reserves.

Now, it falls on energy companies, including Derrick May of Optimum Energy Partners, to step up and ease the stress that people feel. Now, a new drilling program could change the industry.

The Latest Technology

One of the reasons why people are excited about the new drilling program from Derrick May and Optimum Energy Partners is that the program is going to take advantage of the latest technology. With advanced equipment available, the drilling program should bear fruit relatively quickly. Even though the United States is already one of the biggest energy producers in the world, there are still a lot of untapped energy stores that need to be explored. It is this new equipment that will make it easier for drilling professionals to access the energy stores they need, quickly providing relief to people across the country.

Paying Attention to the Environmental Impact

Even though there is a significant need for fresh energy, Derrick May and Optimum Energy Partners are acutely aware of the potential environmental impact this could produce. That is why there are numerous professionals on the team who are working to find ways to access energy stores while minimizing the potential environmental impact. With the latest equipment, the most recent research, and the most experienced professionals in the industry, the potential environmental impact of the drilling program could be minimized.

Providing Price Relief To Individuals and Families Everywhere

Everyone has felt the sting of rising energy prices. Even though there are higher numbers at gas stations, the stress of the energy crisis is reflected in the price of goods and services across the country. Just about everything needs transportation somewhere, which means that everything is impacted by rising fuel prices. This is something that Derrick May and Optimum Energy Partners are aware of, and they know that the only way to bring down energy prices is to produce more domestically. That is why he and his team have worked hard to try to get the program rolling as quickly as possible.

The Program Will Start in June

Clearly, there is a lot riding on this program, and Derrick May is working with his team at Optimum Energy Partners to get the program off the ground as quickly as possible. Because everything is already in motion, the program is slated to begin in June. This means that it could bear fruit in the near future, rapidly providing energy relief to individuals and families who need it most. It will be exciting to keep track of the program as it unfolds.


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