The financial world is fast evolving and in this global financial market, the biggest achievers are those who understand the concept as to how the market functions and what is the modus operandi of the market? Etc. The regular day to day trading capacity of the stock market is in a trillion and the equity market is near billion. There are only a few proficient merchants and investors who actually earn the profit from both the ends.

There are also different types of investors and merchants who go through and make a profit from the markets which are global in nature and they do it efficiently because they link with the corrected brokers and have access to several marketing tools, tips and tricks, and techniques.

ETFinance is one such platform for trading which is; prize-winning. Let’s have a further look on ETFinance and its benefits to traders and much more –

  1. ETFinance Summary –

Magnum FX (Cyprus) Ltd has a brand name and that is ETFinance which is a regulated broker. It permits investors to buy and also trade several financial instruments which include cash, crypto-currency, commodities, indices, etc. It is an EU based brokerage firm and the platform of the firm hosts a user-friendly and intuitive website which comprises of domain as It also offers services which are cross border to customers/traders who are from the EEA country.

  1. Reasons to Use and Benefits of – ETFinance –

There are many reasons to use the best brokerage i.e. the ETFinance and also the ETFinance reviews also suggest the same. There are also other brokers who are working in the EU and you must be wondering what the need to choose ETFinance is? Well, there are many merits that we have found out and you must go through this which will satiate your doubts about choosing ETFinance.

  1. Solitary Platform Offering Manifold Financial Tools –

One of the reasons as to why the ETFinance can beat its competitors is the manifold financial instruments which they offer to the merchants and investors. It’s not like other remote brokerage services which will offer only one or two financial instruments up to the max. You can invest in any number of financial instruments using the ETFinance which comprises of the following such as – cryptocurrency, ETFs, CFDs, Assets, Forex, Stocks, Metals, Commodities, and Indices, etc.

So, instead of choosing more than 1 brokers to do trading on different financial instruments you can now find all that you need in one i.e. ETFinance.

  1. Various Exploration Tools –

ETFinance reviews have mostly suggested that it enabled the traders to make the best purchase and sale choices and it provided them several kinds of analysis tools for instruments which are many. And it comprised of the following such as key information, alerts on prices, charts, etc.

  1. 24/5 Customer Service –

The customer services which are offered by the ETFinance are excellent. You don’t have to wait for hours for the customer service representative and they offer an all-time service. They also understand very well how important is a ticket request and how to respond to the customer at an instance. It can make a huge difference between a trade that is winning and losing. They also help the forex traders in balancing their emotional status.

Except on weekends, the ETFinance offers a 24/5 customer service which responds to the customer as fast as they can. You can also do Live chatting which is there on the website interface or contact them through telephone.

  1. Manifold Options of Payment –

Now accounts can be backed flawlessly and in a secure manner using manifold options of payment which comprises of Visa, Mastercard, debit card, etc.

  1. Special Accounts for Moslems –

ETFinance offers a price trading account which is raw and there no interest fees are credited or debited, this is for customers who are following the Islamic faith. ETFinance also ensures that no charges are imposed on the clients and it created the best Islamic Account Forex Brokers.

  1. Materials Offering Insights on Trades –

ETFinance reviews suggest that it offers a good collection of materials having insight on how to get the best trades which you can refer to if you are a beginner. There are multiple formats in which you can get these materials which are a priceless piece of information.

  1. Mobile Friendly –

You can use ETFinance trading on your mobile also as there is a mobile app for this. You can use it on PC also through the web trader of Metatrade4. And there is much to discover.

  1. Is a Global Brand –

It is a global brand with which the customers are dealing. It is a reputed brand. It has a good number of partnerships with other firms which are reputed around the globe.

ETFinance Is a Licensed & Regulated Broker –

Now, that you know about the ETFinance, you should also know that ETFinance is a licensed and regulated broker. It is operating under the administration of CySEC i.e. Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). There is also a regulatory standard that ensures double security and protection to the traders and the investors.