Factors To Consider When Remodelling Your Bathroom

There are many considerations you will need to factor into your plans when you are remodelling your bathroom. You will need to create a practical and functional space that is an excellent addition to your home and can help make you and your family more comfortable. The available space and budget will dictate what you can do to your family bathroom and how luxurious you can make it. However, there are some factors you must not overlook, and you need to get these correct, and some of these are listed below to help you plan the perfect family bathroom for your home.

Consider Making It A Wet Room

When your bathroom gets lots of use and is constantly getting wet, consider turning it into a wet room so it does not matter as much if there is water on the floor. A wet room bathroom is a practical option, and you can make it feel warm and cosy by installing underfloor heating. There are many options for tiles you can use to waterproof your bathroom, and you can also purchase bathroom plasterboard that will help reduce mould and fungus in such a warm and moist environment.

Do You Really Need A Bath?

You will also want to consider whether you really need a bath, especially when you have older children. Showers are much more economical and quicker, and getting rid of the bathtub can give you much more room to create a luxurious space for you and your family. If you decide you want the option of a bathtub, consider getting one with a smaller footprint that is deeper, so it takes up less floor space.


As your bathroom can be warm and moist, it is the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria if you are not careful. You must ensure adequate ventilation in your bathroom, and if you only have a small window, you can install an additional extractor fan. You can connect this with the lights so that it comes on automatically, and it will help keep your bathroom ventilated and prevent mould and bacteria from congregating in your bathroom.


The storage in many bathrooms is often overlooked and added as an afterthought, often inadequately. You will want to ensure you have suitable storage in your bathroom to keep everything hidden and make your bathroom look tidy. There are many options available for bathroom storage, and not all of them are expensive, and you can click here to get some ideas you can consider for your bathroom. Keeping a tidy bathroom will make cleaning easier and much more appealing for your family and guests who may use it.

The Lighting

You must also ensure that you have suitable lighting in your family bathroom, and as it is somewhere that we do personal grooming, having plenty of light is necessary. A popular option for bathrooms is having moveable spotlights installed, which you can direct to specific areas in your bathroom. Ensuring there is light on the toilet, bath or shower, and the mirror above the sink. Ensure you use energy-efficient LED bulbs and consider Smart Bulbs if you want to create some ambience when having a bath so you can change their colour.


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