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Get Ready for Spring With These 10 Tips on Keeping Your Terrarium Alive

The Terrarium is a great way to bring some greenery into your space, and they are also an easy project for any DIYer. However, there are many things to consider before setting up this type of living art. In this article, we will discuss twelve things to consider when setting up a Terrarium.

List of 12 things to consider when setting up a Terrarium Singapore:

  • The size of your Terrarium
  • The type of plants: plants with high light requirements like cacti, succulents, and ferns should be placed on the top shelves; plants that require medium to low light levels should be placed on the middle and bottom shelves
  • The type of container: open, closed, or glass
  • Lighting requirements: incandescent or fluorescent
  • Proper drainage and humidity: a terrarium without drainage and moisture will not survive.
  • Maintenance: how often you want to water your plants, how much light it gets, etc.
  • Potting soil
  • The necessary tools for terrarium maintenance: a spray bottle, a brush, and a tray to catch any excess water
  • Watering needs
  • Mold prevention and control
  • Temperature considerations
  • What type of substrate is best for use in this project (soil, moss, etc.), light requirements.

Setting Up A Terrarium Singapore: Some important considerations are ensuring that they have enough room for proper growth with adequate lighting and water drainage. Careful consideration should also go into where you want it placed as well.

When doing a DIY terrarium, there can be some challenges, such as sealing off the top or finding an appropriate container if starting from scratch. However, these projects are still relatively easy, even on their most basic level, so don’t let this deter anyone from doing it.

Even if considering these questions seems daunting at first with some practice and research, they’ll come to seem second nature in no time!

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