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How Can I Invest My Money?

Investing now in your future is essential for financial security. It’s clear to see how a once solid economy can take a complete turn so the time is now to give you and your family an insurance policy to a positive future financially.  Investing can provide you and your family with additional forms of income, particularly for your retirement or if your finances are negatively impacted in some way. If you’re in the right financial place for investment you’re in the right place for discovering how and where you can begin your investment.


Investing in property is a stable investment when compared to other markets. By investing your money in property, you can really leverage your initial investment. If you have a 10% increase in return on a 100K investment into stocks and shares you’re looking at a profit of £10,000, however, if you have a 10% increase on your 100K investment into a 400K property you’ve got a profit of £40,000. Property is always a fantastic source of investment and one to certainly consider if you’re in the financial position to do so.

Gold and Silver

Gold and Silver investments are a real safety net when it comes to investing your money into commodities. The real benefit of these metals is the mutual, universal understanding and agreement in the value of Gold and Silver and unlike values in property and stocks and shares, the value of Gold and Silver simply never drops to 0. Looking into reputable bullion brokers such as Sharps Pixley when making an informed decision is the perfect place to start your investment into Gold and Silver

Factors to consider:

  • Gold and Silver storage
  • Your bullion broker
  • How much to invest

Owning a gold bullion in times of economic downturn is extremely lucrative. The scepticism of the banking system has making more traditional forms of investment rise massively, with 18% of gold investments increasing per annum according to the World Gold Council statistics.

Stock Investment

Investing in the stock market does carry its risks however the benefits when successful can outweigh the negatives.

  • Your investments grow with the economy
  • Stay ahead of inflation
  • Easy to buy and easy to sell

You can really take advantage of the economy here with investing in the stock market. With the growth of the economy comes growth in corporate earnings. It’s the cycle of the economy growing therefore creating jobs, creating earnings, followed by creating sales. Additionally, you can stay ahead of inflation by purchasing stocks. On average, stocks return 10% annually, ensuring you’re ahead of the annual average inflation rate. Being so easy to buy, investing in stocks can take you a matter of minutes so this is arguably the most convenient way to make money fast if you’re in the financial position to do so. Just remember, only invest what you can afford to lose.

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