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RoyalCBank – Basics & Features

If there is a cutting edge financial trading instrument which is ruling the market since its inception, then it is none other than the cryptocurrency. The first cryptocurrency which was introduced in 2009 in the market was Bitcoin, and soon the instrument gained the name in the market and its rise began in 2017. And that is exactly where many people started switching on to cryptocurrency and there were also the early bird investors who gained huge returns.

Well, so that you can start trading in the cryptocurrency market you will require the help of a broker. Help means you will have to take their services. Only a broker will be able to assists you. Brokers are important and they are needed as they provide you with the following things mainly –

  • Brokers provide you with admission to the assets
  • Brokers help you with the trading platform
  • Brokers help you with other kinds of trading instrument

There are many options of brokers that you will find, but it is very important for you to select such a broker who is erudite in the area of cryptocurrency and this is where RoyalCBank comes into play. RoyalCBank are brokers who specially deal with the cryptocurrencies market. The most striking part about this broker is that they were introduced in the market by previous equity traders and crypto traders, the ones who have a lot of experience in the market and the crypto industry. Therefore, they have created this broker, so that it is ensured that the traders are trading smoothly and are also accruing profits in the long run.

RoyalCBank has all the qualities of a trustworthy and accomplished broker that you can ever have for crypto trading. Let’s look at RoyalCBank and its features –

RoyalCBank is Associated with FinaCom-

RoyalCBank is a member of the Financial Commission. Only brokers who are regulated and monitored are the ones with whom the traders want to work with. Traders do not want to work with haywire brokers who are not subject to rules of regulation. And RoyalCBank is a member of the Financial Commission and became a member on 11th July, 2019. FinaCom is known as a mediator of the international level and any broker having its membership is like a huge assurance to the trader. Having a membership will assure the trader that they are dealing with the correct and safe services which are offered by RoyalCBank. There are standard and guidelines which the RoyalCBank follows.

Profitable Crypto Currencies offered by RoyalCBank –

One of the pivotal reasons why you should consider trading with RoyalCBank is that firstly, it is linked with an international organization and secondly, it offers profitable trading with cryptocurrencies. Just take a look at the assets it has offered. The first cryptocurrency was the bitcoin after which some other has also come up such as lite coin, ripple, ethereum, etc. Other branches of the cryptocurrencies which have been introduced are Bitcoin Cash etc. Now, with the help of the RoyalCBank brokers, you can trade on all these cryptocurrencies. The brokers have laid a caution and added only the profitable and well-known cryptocurrencies which can help you in getting significant returns in trading. There are varieties of cryptocurrency that you will find with the RoyalCBank which added only after security and background testing.

Sign-up Process is Very Easy with RoyalCBank –

Brokers have these days implemented a sign-up process which is very long and time-consuming, which in turn becomes a tedious process for the trader. You would not like to deal with any kind of red tap-ism. And in dealing with cryptocurrencies you will want to start right away. RoyalCBank has given this freedom of choice to the traders to use their services whenever they like. For this, they made the process of sign –up pretty quick and easy for every trader. Only basic details need to be provided with broker when you are registering and it includes details like the following –

  • Your name,
  • Your email address
  • Your password.

After which it will take only a few seconds and you can get access to the broker on their trading stage.

Multiple Account Options is offered by RoyalCBank –

Once you get registered with the RoyalCBank, you can open an account with them to start trading. RoyalCBank offers various kinds of accounts with great features also. There is a basic account first for which you will require a minimum deposit of $250. This account is especially for the fresher’s with no previous experience. Also, those who don’t have much money to invest can also opt for this account. You can get a welcome bonus which is 30% with this account. Plus, along with all this, you can also get access to the center of education where you can get complete knowledge about the cryptocurrency market functioning, etc.

Other accounts comprises of the following –

  • Beginner
  • Medium
  • Advanced
  • Pro
  • VIP

With RoyalCBank the withdrawals are also very easy, the way depositing is.

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