What You Can Do with a Heavy-Duty Degreaser

Whether you need to clean engines, auto parts, machinery, or even floors, you can benefit from using a degreaser. These products are designed to cut through fluids and remove grease and oils. They inhibit corrosion, and they even help remove fingerprints. They are commonly used in factories, auto shops, aeroplane hangars, and other places where they are needed. They are strong enough to act quickly, so you won’t have to spend time wiping and scrubbing. Take a look at some of the things that you can do with a heavy-duty degreaser.

Solvent Degreasers

You can use a solvent degreaser on greases and oils. It is hard to remove these substances, but a solvent degreaser is made to remove grease, oils, wax, glue, and more. They use powerful surfactants to lift the contaminant so that it washes away when you rinse it. The issue is that grease, oils, waxes, and other similar substances are not water-soluble. This helps these substances do their jobs effectively, but it makes them difficult to remove if you have a spill. Using the right degreaser is necessary for cleaning these substances from surfaces.

Water-Based Degreasers

Water-based degreasers are a great option for people who work in the food processing industry. They also work with electronics and aerospace equipment, and they can help clean room surfaces and processing equipment. This type of heavy-duty degreaser is safe for people, processing plants, and equipment.

You can also choose aluminium cleaners, which ensure that the metal isn’t damaged. If you use a caustic cleaner on your aluminium, it will harm it. This type of degreaser is safe to use in the engineering and food industries. It is also eco-friendly.

Engine Degreasers

Another type of degreaser is an engine degreaser. This is a staple in automotive workshops and the engineering industry. It works well for engine and engine bay degreasing. This type of degreaser is non-toxic and solvent-based, and it is eco-friendly. It will remove automotive oils, grease, and dirt deposits. Because solvent degreasers lift grease, oils, and dirt from your engine and auto bays, you won’t have to use a pressure washer and risk damaging them. When you keep your engine clean, there is a lower likelihood of contaminants causing damage, and your engine will last longer.

Citrus Degreasers

Citrus degreasers are designed for industrial applications and are often a replacement for a conventional solvent degreaser. They have low volatile organic compound levels, so they are less complex than standard solvent methods. You can use this type of degreaser for parts cleaning, vehicle cleaning, tar removal, or the removal of adhesives. Citrus degreasers have many applications and are safe to use.


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