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Invest In A Good Transformer With The Right Brand!

A transformer is a device that helps in stabilizing the flow of current for the use of the industries. The substation designed helps convert the high voltage into low and the low to high to make efficient use of current that runs essential equipments. In this process it is always advisable to buy the products that match with the needs of the industry and serve in the right quantum.

If you have been looking for a great brand with trust worthy transformer then visiting the  is ideal to make a choice. As transformers need extensive investments and a good choice, the choice has to be made with due understanding.

Variants of Substation transformers

There are majorly two variants of substation transformer available i.e.

  • 150 MVA 345 kV for remanufactured devices
  • 300 MVA 315 kV for new products

As both are to be selected on the basis of power supply, space, equipments available, transformer type, production type etc it is important to select the right brand that brings enough flexibility to integrate with other devices.

Accessories and additional features

Not all transformers come with features that serve better purposes. Some lack the use of accessories which might prove to be of great use to the industries. But choosing a profound brand can help you find the ultimate transformer that is accompanied with features like reverse engineering, complete rewinding, measurement of status in real time. Performance of oil and gas dissolve etc. Morover the accessories too come in several collections of removable and galvanized radiators, LV and HV surge arresters, pressure and oil level indicators, alarm contacts, measurement of coils, current transformers etc. Choose a product that gets you maximum benefits.

The added services provided!

It is important to get installation, repair and maintenance services from the seller to keep the equipment intact. It is the regular services and the maintenance of it that helps in the long running efficiency of the business equipments. And the organization that has a service partner is always enjoying the right benefits of it for long term. Surplec provides for all round service along with a range of maintenance services that help keep up with the useful life of the transformer.

Buying from credible brands like Surplec ensures you that you have invested in a transformer that comes with the right build, technology, accessories, equipments and a long lasting service. Even in case of emergency the repair service providers help in solving the problems fast!

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