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What you Should Know about Domain Names

Domain name registration is one of the major steps in building a website and it can be stressing some people a bit. If you are building a site, you don’t really have to worry about domain name registration because it is pretty simple.  Keep reading to understand more about domains and why you should not worry about them:

How Does a Domain Work?

A domain is a name you will need to choose for your site. You can pick any name you like as long as it is not yet taken. Also, you must keep it short. A domain is composed of the actual domain name and the top level domain (TLD). The actual domain name is the name you choose while the TLD is the extension such as .com, .net. or .org. Although you can come up with a custom, unique TLD, it can cause some confusion for internet users.

Every website is assigned an IP address when registering the domain name. The domain lets website owners have a name to call that IP address. This makes it easier to remember your site. In general, it is easier to remember words than numbers. Without a domain name, it will be difficult to and confusing to use the internet.

Getting a Domain Name

Although there are many ways to get a domain name, the most common method is to get it from a registrar that serves as a gatekeeper of IP addresses and domain names. You can purchase a domain name from them or either host your domain with them or pick a different company to host with. Also, you can get a domain name by purchasing one with your chosen website builder. Website builders commonly allow domain name purchases and the best website builders offer one free year of this domain.

Things to Look for when Purchasing a Domain

After deciding to buy and register a domain, ensure you will choose a reputable host. You need a host that will give you continuous support because they are your first line of defense against attacks from hackers and cybercriminals. Established and trusted hosts have better security measures.

The right domain name provider will always want the best for their clients and strive to make the process as easy as possible. You will want a company that is confident in its product and provides the best support you cannot find elsewhere.

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