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Why Skin Care & Good Mental Health Go Hand-In-Hand.

You may not be aware of it but if you apply a cleanser or moisturizer to your face at the beginning or end of the day then this can help to change the whole appearance of your skin and this can also affect your emotional well-being. There are many who think that moisturizing regularly is a complete waste of money butt these people would be very wrong, and these will be the same individuals who will look 60 when they are in fact 50. By that point, it will be too late and they will have wished that they listened to your advice.

Everyone needs to start caring for their skin a lot more and especially in this hot climate where we get hit with harmful UV rays every single day. Luckily for us, the Serum factory (known as โรงงานผลิตเซรั่ม in Thai)is working hard every single day to provide us with the moisturizing soaps, creams and cleansers that we need to keep ourselves healthy both inside and outside. Believe it or not but having a regular skincare routine can actually affect your overall mental health and here is why.

  • Life is more structured – If you are following a regular cleansing a moisturizing routine every single day then this is not only good for your body but it is also good for your mind as well. It is a routine that you carry out every single day and many studies tell us that if you’re not doing something consistently well every single day then you are more prone to suffer from anxiety and depression.
  • It reduces stress & anxiety levels – Due to the fact that you are taking active steps to pamper yourself and to take care of your skin, you’re taking time to calm your mind down after a hard day at the office. Many of us are so stressed out when we return home from work that it takes forever for our brains to come down and so doing a regular moisturizing routine helps to reduce your stress and anxiety levels and takes your mind off the stressful things in life.

By pampering yourself every single day, you are helping to increase your overall mood and it sends a very important message to your body that you want to take care of it. The feeling of rubbing cream into your face is like no other and the smell of your products helps to soothe the mind and calm the soul.

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