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Why Your Company Website Should Be Mobile Friendly

Picture traveling through an unfamiliar town trying to find something to eat. You try to find a restaurant on your phone, spot one, and click their website — but the menu is a PDF that is small, hard to read, and doesn’t fit correctly on the phone screen. What do you do next? You go back to Google and look for another restaurant with a functional website.

The purpose of this basic scenario: No matter what kind of industry you’re in, no matter how big, how small, or what type of customer you serve, having a mobile-friendly website is crucial.

The accompanying graphic presents good advice and insights for managing a mobile site that draws customers in, captures their focus, and makes them engage with your organization. It presents a summary of the notable differences between mobile and desktop website design and also provides more specific detail on advanced techniques a business can use to obtain a competitive edge. The information is useful for any startup or even an established business that wants to boost traffic and conversions on its mobile website.

In addition to using a great website to keep clients and prospects happy, teams should understand how crucial mobile-friendly website design is for SEO (search engine optimization). In recent years Google started to factor mobile-friendliness into its algorithm that determines page rank, and the influence continues to grow. Google is making a smart move because more people are utilizing their mobile devices instead of a standard computer, particularly for local searches when on the go. Google also does not want to support bad mobile websites in its search results and cause irritation for it users — and you can expect rankings to rely on mobile-friendliness more and more as time goes on and Internet access via mobile devices continues to become more popular.

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